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Archive for February, 2014

Three Reasons For the Continued High Demand For Chromium Plating Supplies

Posted on: February 20th, 2014 by canadianfinishing No Comments

Chromium plating has been one of the most widespread and sought-after finishing techniques of the last century. Chromium‘s impressive luster and eye-catching aesthetics have made it one of the most well -known finishing techniques in the industry. As such, chromium plating supplies remain in high demand by both large manufacturers and smaller providers alike. But what is it about chromium that makes it so special? What has allowed it to shine so brightly all these years?

A Finish Unlike Any Other

There’s truly nothing quite like a Chromium finish, and that factor alone has continued to influence the market for chromium plating supplies since it became a popular commercial finish in the early 1920s. Manufactures turn to it to achieve a specific polished look that is nearly impossible to duplicate using other techniques like vapor deposition or organic coatings. Consumers have come to recognize the look of chromium and its popularity has continued to flourish as it has become a more and more common sight in a huge range of consumer goods.

Chromium Plating Supplies Create A Very Durable Coating

In addition to being beautiful, chromium also possesses a number of technical strengths that manufacturers covet. Chromium provides exemplary corrosion protection and can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, both metal and plastic. Hard-chromium can be used to increase surface durability and reduce friction, making it an ideal material for both consumer and industrial applications.

The Wide-spread Use of Chromium Is Part Of Its Continued Success.

The final factor that has led to the continued demand for chromium plating supplies, is the simple fact that so many manufacturers have become comfortable and dependent on this particular finishing technique. While there are other compounds able to mimic the look of chromium, none can match its durability or inherent luster.

Canadian Finishing Systems is a distributor of chromium plating supplies suitable for a host of electroplating applications. Chromium plating supplies that we distribute are lead anodes, heating and cooling coils, masking tapes, Tolber stop-off maskants, platers wax, fume suppressants, lead anode cleaner, and chromic acid.  If you have questions about this incredibly popular finishing technique, or would like to speak with one of our finishing experts, contact us today at 905-634-5168, or use our convenient online contact form.