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Archive for the ‘2013’ Category

Three Applications For Vapour Degreasing Solvents

Posted on: October 23rd, 2013 by canadianfinishing No Comments

As the name implies, vapour degreasing is a method of surface preparation in which parts are cleaned of contaminants using suspended vapour. Vapour degreasing solvents are heated in a chamber below the piece to be cleaned. The heated vapour condenses on the cooler surface of the part where it dissolves and captures the contaminants which then drip away. In some instances agitation may be applied to remove stubborn debris. Here are just a few applications for vapour degreasing solvents.

 When Other Surface Preparation Methods Might Cause Damage

 The use of vapour degreasing solvents is ideal in instances where aqueous (water-based) cleaning methods would be impractical or potentially harmful to the materials being cleaned. Vaporized solvents can be used to eliminate oil, grease, flux, wax and other non-water soluble debris that aqueous cleaning methods might struggle to remove. The process avoids the potential for both oxidation and detergent buildup on materials that might be especially sensitive to such secondary contaminants.

 Using Vapour Degreasing Solvents On Small Or Intricate Parts

 Because the solvents are suspended in a vapor, they are able to penetrate into tiny holes, recesses and cracks in the parts to be cleaned. This makes the process ideal for smaller components of electronic subassemblies, both metal and plastic as well as any other materials that might be difficult to thoroughly coat with more traditional liquid solvents.

 Finishing Preparation

 Degreasing is often the first and, some would argue, most important step in the finishing process. In order to ensure a uniform and pristine finish, all surface contaminates must first be removed and vapour degreasing solvents leave properly prepared for painting, coating, welding or any other finishing technique.

 Every cleaning and finishing process requires its own unique combination of techniques and materials. Canadian Finishing Systems can assist your business in choosing the proper methods and process for your application. If you have questions about any of our products, please use our convenient contact form or visit our website for more information.

Three Things To Look For When Searching For A Supplier of Plating Equipment

Posted on: September 30th, 2013 by canadianfinishing No Comments

Electroplating is a precise practice and requires a specific equipment setup. There is diverse market for manufacturers in this field, including industries such as auto manufacturing, telecommunications, aerospace, and the military. The companies supporting each industry rely on the availability on high quality, competitively priced plating equipment to manufacture the products that they use and/or sell, as well as a supplier who is able to support their varied requirements.


1. An Organization Responsive To Its Customers’ Needs


Organizations in the metal finishing industry need a supplier who can understand the organization’s specific needs and understands the specific needs of an industry or company. While larger suppliers seem to have depth of resources, clients often find themselves caught in a situation where important details are overlooked due to too many people involved in a project. A smaller supplier can be more responsive to the needs of its customers, their focus and attention allowing for quicker issue resolution and the opportunity for a more customized process or solution.


2. High Quality Plating Equipment


The smartest, most customer-centric organization is worthless without the availability of a quality product. Companies rely on plating equipment such as tanks, filtration systems, filters, hangers, frames, and power supplies for their business needs. They want to be assured that they are getting products that fulfill their requirements, and perform well, while lasting a long time. Sometimes a company’s plating equipment needs are unique and require an individualized solution. Look for a manufacturing firm experienced in providing both standard and specialized products.


3. Cost Effective Solutions


Companies looking for a plating equipment supplier are often frustrated when they find the apparatus they need, only to discover that it is too cost-prohibitive to implement to their business process. Finding a partner offering high quality materials and customer service at a competitive price allows companies to produce their products while maximizing their profit margin.


Businesses look to their suppliers for their expertise in choosing the metal finishing equipment that best suits their business. Canadian Finishing Systems prides themselves on their quality products and strong customer focus to help their clients meet their electroplating needs. Submit an information request and see how Canadian Finishing Systems can help your business succeed.